Spanish Requirement of 1513

The Spanish Requirement of 1513 contained a twisted logic that enabled the slaughter of indigenous peoples across the Americas.

Quebec American Revolution

The Continental Congress attempted to convince their ‘friends and fellow subjects’ in Quebec to join in on the fun of the American Revolution. And they pulled out all the stops to flatter their amis to the north.

Atlantic World

A look into the history of the Atlantic World, and the way historians use the Atlantic World paradigm to reinvent the way we think about the past.


Empires, from ancient to modern, have sought to justify their conquests, using buzzwords form ‘Christianity’ to ‘civilization’ to ‘democracy.’

English Empire

Before the English can to the Americas, they experimented with creating and managing an empire in Ireland.

New Sweden

In March 1638, a contingency of Swedish colonists sailed into the mouth of the Delaware River, looking to establish a permanent settlement in the name of the tre kronor and Queen Christina.