George Washington quotes Revolutionary War

George Washington had a lot of great quotes on the Revolutionary War. Let’s see what we can learn from them about the man and the legend.

William Mullins Mayflower

The story of William Mullins is more than just the story of the man who left the first will in British America. It’s about the impact we all can have on history.

Trade and Nation

Trade and Nation gives readers a fascinating look into how the field of economics developed and why.

State of one of the Corsairs of St. Malo

The Corsairs of Saint-Malo offers a fascinating read for anyone interesting in the history of the French Atlantic.

Goddess Columbia

Beginning in the colonial era, the goddess Columbia became a powerful symbol for the Americas and, later, the United States.

Jefferson Archaeology

Thomas Jefferson pioneered the field of archaeology and was fascinated by mastodons. Can you dig it?

Pequot War

The Pequot War is remembered as one of the first and most destructive colonial wars in early America – and, potentially, the first genocide. Sounds fun, right?!

Benjamin Franklin in France

When Benjamin Franklin reached France in 1776 to serve as the American diplomat during the American Revolution, the French rolled out the red carpet for the New Word’s most famous man.

History of Chocolate

Chocolate dates back thousands of years in Mesoamerica, though it didn’t arrive in Europe until the 1500s. But, once it did, the continent’s rich and famous became grade A chocoholics.

History of Washington DC

After the American colonies won their independence from Britain, the debate over where exactly to put the national capital set in motion a series of meetings and backdoor deals fit only for the seat of power.