The French Revolution was, without hyperbole, a mad time. So, it should come as no surprise that the political cartoons that came out of the French Revolution were equally insane.

Art from a Lakota tent, depicting Lakota men with their horses

These are the best books for those interested in Native American history, as they offer fresh looks at indigenous power in early America.

The port of colonial Philadephia, one of the reasons it became so important in colonial America

Philadelphia became an important part of colonial America for its rich port, great science and arts, and the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Franklin reading a religious text

What exactly Benjamin Franklin thought of religion has become a topic of hot debate since his death in 1790. Known largely for his scientific and diplomatic exploits, Franklin was nonetheless a man of his time. Religion played a much bigger part in eighteenth-century society and, save for few philosophers like Thomas Jefferson, served as the […]

best history audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to take your passion with you – and these are the best history audiobooks out there!

Causes of the Haitian Revolution erupts into violence at Cap-Francais

There were many causes of the Haitian Revolution, and they looked different based on peoples’ circumstances and, well, skin color.

Image of Black Bart from General History of the Pyrates, one of the oldest pirate history books

From biographies to historical narratives, these pirate history books are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you call them patriots or vigilantes, the Green Mountain Boys played an interesting role in the early history of America and Vermont.

Drawing of Thomas Jefferson sitting next to books

These 11 Thomas Jefferson books will give you a whole new insight into one the United States’ more complicated founding fathers.

Join or Die American Revolution Political Cartoon

American Revolution political cartoons gives us some fascinating insight into how people perceived the war. Let’s examine a few of them!