Pequot War

The Pequot War is remembered as one of the first and most destructive colonial wars in early America – and, potentially, the first genocide. Sounds fun, right?!

Purchase of Manhattan

The Dutch felt like they got a steal on the purchase of Manhattan. The Lenape they delt with, however, left that meeting with a very different impression.

King Philip's War

Was King Philip’s War caused by cows? The answer might surprise you! Spoiler alert, King Philip’s War was caused by cows, oh, and pigs.

Real History of Thanksgiving

The real history of Thanksgiving is story of an unsteady peace between the Wampanoag and the Plymouth colony. And the Pilgrims weren’t as thankful as we like to think.

Hans Staden's True History

Hans Staden’s True History is a tale of how a German ended up in Portuguese Brazil on a Spanish ship and as a captive of the Tupí-Namba peoples. It’s quite the ride.

Feast of the Dead

The Wendat Feast of the Dead was one of the Wendat’s most sacred ceremonies, where they exhumed their dead and celebrated their ancestors.


Native Americans often made the journey across the ocean to Europe, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes as slaves.

Christopher Columbus

Okay, so, to be fair to Columbus, he didn’t want to kill every native inhabitant of the Bahamas and Caribbean that came into contact with. He just wanted to enslave them all and establish himself as their feudal overlord.